Not All Construction Material Is Created Equal

Have you ever wondered why construction quotes come in at such different prices? The reason why is not all construction material is created equal. This is why it is so important to ask the right questions to make sure you are getting the right materials for the job. Below you will find some information about why the material section is so important and what to look for in your construction quotes.

What Type of Renovation Are You Doing?

First off, it matters what type of renovation you are doing. Renovations where water will be accessible, such as in the kitchen and bathroom, requires different construction material to be used. For example, a different type of drywall, tape and vapour barrier needs to be used in a shower to prevent leaks and mould. This material is much more costly than your typical drywall, tape and mud. If you choose the wrong material, long term you would need to completely redo the work costing thousands more. When you are getting a quote to do work such as this, make sure you ask and have them list the materials they will use.

Material Waste

Cheaper materials used usually result in more waste and can actually cost you more money. When choosing material such as tile, for example, the cheaper tile cracks and snaps poorly were as a quality tile will cut just as you would want it when installing. You may use up to 40% more material with a cheaper less quality tile. By working with your contractor when picking material, you could potentially save money while picking a much nicer-looking, quality tile.

Supply and Demand

It is also important to note how supply and demand can greatly affect material costs and therefore quotes. As you have likely witnessed firsthand with Covid, as soon as supply decreases, prices increase. This could be seen with the price of lumber in 2020/2021. In only one year the cost of lumber increased by 377%! So imagine how much your home project quote would increase. By receiving a detailed quote, with a breakdown of material, you’ll understand from a material perspective where the cost is really coming from.

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